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Speedlite 600EX-RT on 60D in HSS using RT in Master/Slave configuration

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I have 2 new 600EX flashes to go with my 60D.  In reading the manual, it says you cannot use the flashes off-camera in RT mode with HSS.  I didn't want to believe that so kept playing with things.  It appears I may have found a way to do it but I want to know if anyone else has tried this.  I went into the camera menu under Flash Control, selected the External Flash Func Setting option and changed the Shutter sync to Hi-speed.  I have one 600 mounted on-camera and set to Master and one 600 off-camera set as slave using RT.  I was able to use shutter speed > 250.  Please lmk if anyone else has done this and if it worked for them.  Thanks!


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RT is capable of HSS for cameras produced in 2012. HSS is not capable with cameras produced before 2012 .


Most  cameras produced before 2012 are ETTL capable but sync speed is 1 increment slower. Example - both my 5D3 and previously owned 5D2 sync speeds were 1/200. In RT mode my 5D3's sync speed is 1/200 while my 5D2 would have been 1/100.  


Page 51 lists cameras that are not RT / ETTL capable.



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I've seen the same statements and also found that even using radio mode you can set the high speed sync from the camera menu in my case on a 7D. 


In fact I wrote a whole great article on all the things you "can't do with a pre-2012 EOS" and how some of them do indeed seem to work at least when you only have a couple of slaves. I've also recenlty discovered something that the old cameras can do with pulsed light off-camera flash but can't do with radio flash too...


Some links


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I actually found a video on YouTube that showed how easy it was.


I used my 5Dmkiii, the ST-E3 as master, 600EX-RT and a 430 EXiii-RT as a set and used the transmitter to activate the high speed sync. Easy as pie.