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Speedlite 299T Usability with R series


I bought a Speedlite 299T in 1988 to use with my Canon AE-1 Program and recently found the flash when cleaning out my garage.  Can the 299T be used with the current DLSRs &/or mirrorless R series?  Last year I bought an R10 and purchased a Speedlite 430EXIII-RT.  The 299T works when I tested it with new batteries.  Thanks.



No, since the R models do not have a traditional hot shoe. You would need an external trigger.

Yes, the R series cameras have a new hot shoe, but Canon designed the new hot shoe to be backwards compatible with older Canon flash units. So yes, the Canon 299T will mount directly in the hot shoe of any R series camera and still operate just fine. I have used the 299T with my 5D Mk III and other DSLR cameras. 

Canon EOS R5 hot shoe


The Canon 299T is probably the last film era flash to have a Auto Thyristor mode. (all the newer film era flashes have only TTL auto flash, which is not compatible with the auto flash on today's digital cameras) 

It is quite large and it's re-cycle time is slower than today's flashes. It is still usable with modern cameras but you must use it in "F.NO. SET" Auto mode. (If you try to use the Program mode it will only fire at full power)

Manual mode works fine but it only has 1/1 and 1/16 power settings. With the flash head in the 85mm position the guide number is 40 so it is just a little less powerful than a Canon 430EX.

It still retains some of the Canon "dedicated" features when used on today's cameras. (it will display the flash ready icon in the viewfinder and set your shutter speed to max sync.)

It would be best to use the camera in Manual mode so you can match the aperture and ISO to what you select on the flash. 


Mike Sowsun


Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.  I thought the tech in a 1988 flash would be unusable.  

The 299T is still useable with any modern camera. 

Mike Sowsun

This IS NOT CORRECT. The only R Series body that lacks the normal 5 pin hot shoe is the R50. All other R Series bodies with a Multi Function Hot Shoe. Still include the older 5 pins to work with legacy speedlites.


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