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Radio communication issues.EL-1, 600EXII-RT, 430EXIII-RT, YN686EX-RT, ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter


Hello, Canon. Hi everyone, I've been a professional wedding and event photographer for 25 years, and in the last two years. I have used around six off-camera flash techniques using the six flashes mentioned above. After hundreds of weddings in the previous month, I have connection-linking issues. I read and checked every tutorial possible, and nothing helped.:( I know the menu's sub menus' custom settings, and the only flash linked for hours is the Yonguno YN686EX-RT. All of my Canon brands flash, losing connection after 5-minute. I attached two cellphone photos where you can see the problems after 5-minute. CANON or some of you guys have any idea what's going on? PLEASE HELP ME! Thank you so much. 




I forgot in my previous post to mention I'm using three cameras, two R5s, and one R6.


Updated info Canon R3, two R5's, STE-10, STE-3, the same issue.


I have the same exact problem.
2 EL1’s. 3 600’s. 2 R6 cameras. All combinations of sender receiver produce link drops when with the EL1s. 

The one space the signal interrupts is in my house. I would say 5 of the 20 wedding venues had the same wireless disruption problem. Random link drops. 

What is up with this??? I’m way too invested to back out, yet cannot keep resetting these when I have 30 family members in front of me for church family photos. 

I know this is frustrating. You can not trust your gear.:(


Wifi interference appears to be the issue.

I know, but the cheap Yonguno flashes keep working. CANON why is this good for you? Why CANON you, don't have the answers for us? 


Have you read this extensive thread (and no, it's NOT solved):

I'd like to see you take the ST-E3-RT out of the loop and rotate your flashes as the master just to test other scenarios so we can gather more data and insight as to what's going on.

I complain often to this email:

You'll get, "'re doing it wrong," ...try a different location" (great advice for wedding photogs), or "...send it in for repair" which is probably the last thing you'll want to do.

I use channel 15 and ID 9999 with great(er) success indoors. Outdoors I encounter more drops.  I have some Flahspoint triggers on the way -- HEAR THAT CANON!


Same issue with two 600EXII-RT and ST-E3-RT, was having link drops within 5-10mins at house and office building. Would have to cycle power on all units to re-link. Unplugged an Apple Homepod Mini and no link drops over an hour, even with the ST-E3-RT Auto Power On enabled. Plugged the homepod back in and the issue return. So it could be something similar to a Homepod causing radio interference. I've tried changing the channel 1-15, and Radio ID 0000,9999 with no success. I do not have the same sync issues with a Godox AD200 and R2Mark II trigger in the same area.


Okay, guys, thank you for your answers. The problem is not solved.:) CANON, LISTEN TO THIS!!! I tried all suggestions above, and thank you so much for that. Still, my first post about this issue; I have a Canon R3 and the new STE-10 transmitter. I love them, but the situation has become worst than I can imagine. With the new $119 STE-10 and my $890 EL-1, after a few minutes, of flawless exceptional function, drop the link just to the expensive Canon brand flashes EL-1, 600EXII-RT, and all other Canon flashes. My two inexpensive Yonguno YN600EX-RT II and YN686EX-RT keep a connection for hours without any problem with STE-3, STE-10, or any Canon Flash in the master position. CANON, WHY IS THIS GOOD FOR YOU??? I will sell all my canon brand flashes because nobody can fix this problem, and I don't trust Canon flashes. With this $95 trigger, Yonguno YN-RT II, I will try one more thing.  If this cheap trigger is okay with Canon brand flashes to keep the link between them alive for hours, I will sell all of my untrusted Canon flashes. SORRY CANON, BUT YOU GUYS, UNTIL NOW, NEVER HELPED ME WITH THIS ISSUE. 

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