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Help troubleshooting flash issue


My equipment:  Canon 6D2, ST-E3-RT, 600EX-RT, 430EX RT III, westcott FJ200 strobe.  So I have been practing my flash abit, and trying to setup every day and take a few flash shots.  Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that my canon speedlites will disconnect from the ST-E3-RT and stop firing.  The link light on the speedlites goes red, but stays green on the ST-E3-RT.  They both do it at the same time.  I have to turn all three off then back on to get the connection back.  Sometimes this happens after I tweak the flash power, sometimes it happens after I pause for a minute or two.  Could be after 1 flash, or after 20.  It varies.

I've tried changing the channel several times.  Even put it on auto for abit.  If I shoot 20 or so shots, it will eventually disconnect.  Even does this if I am only using one speedlite.  Light always remains green on the transmitter.

So yesterday I picked up a westcott FJ200 strobe to add to the system.  I use it on the RT/ID mode with my Canon transmitter.  Well, guess what.  When all three are in use, after abit the two Canon speedlites will drop out and go offline, but the FJ200 will continue firing.  So I was thinking it was a problem with my transmitter, but now I am thinking not.  If it was a problem with a single flash, I would not expect them both to go offline at the same time.  

Any idea what is going on here, and how I might be able to fix it?  I do use rechargeable batteries and keep them charged up, so I don't suspect that's the issue.