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Flash questions


I'm just getting into off camera flash.  I wonder if anyone can help me with any of the following three questions:


1)  Is there a RELIABLE TTL off camera flash cord available either, Canon or after market of 3-20 feet in length that would maintain functionality with a 40D and a 580 EX II?


2)  Is the ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter compatible with ALL modern EOS digitals, specifically, the 40D, 6D, 7D, and 4TI?

I know that it only works with the 600EX-RT.


3)  Is the 600EX-RT Speedlite compatible with ALL modern EOS digitals, specifically, the 40D, 6D, 7D, and 4TI?


My budget is kind of tight at the moment, so I wanted to start with a corded flash setup, and then transition to cordless as money becomes available.


Thanks for your help!





1) check out, they have 12", 16' and 24' ETTL cables.


2)The transmitter will work, yes.


3) Yes.



Thanks very much Scatterbrained. Very helpful. Just looked at it on my phone. Now to get greedy ...any cords that allow for multi flash setups you are aware of?
Thanks, Mark

If you don't mind shooting with manual flash settings (advisable with multiple flashes to maintain consistency) you can simply get an opticle trigger from flash zebra.   There are hotshoe cables as well, either way you're going to lose ETTL.    Certain ETTL compatible radio triggers will allow for separating flashes into groups, with the Pixel Kings being the cheapest, but that's still a few hundred dollars when you talk about a transeiver and at least two receivers.

Thanks again Scatterbrained. I've tried some optical slaves in the past with mixed results due to ambient light, lack of reliability, etc. In a multi flash setup, I'm prepared and aware I'll lose ETTL. I have a Sekonic L-508, so I'm willing and able to lose ETTL, just wanted more reliability than optical slaves. I realize that for speed, convienence, accuracy, flexibility, "cool factor", etc. radios are the way to go. I was thinking either Digi Poppers or ideally Pocket Wizard, but that's not in the budget now. As a long term solution, this is what I'm really wondering: which is better (I hate the word better!) Pocket Wizards or the Canon flashes with the Canon transmitter. To help simplify the question, if price was NOT an issue, which system would give more flexibility, versitility, etc?
Thanks again,

@Scatterbrained wrote:

1) check out, they have 12", 16' and 24' ETTL cables.


2)The transmitter will work, yes.


3) Yes.



1) Yes

2) Yes and no

3) Yes and no


The new radio system will only work with cameras from 2012. Older cameras will have a slower sync.

Check this out for more details.


I, just like you, was thinking buying Canon´s new radio speedlites, but I think I will buy Phottix Odin instead.

Thanks Peter. I appreciate the link and info and will check it out.

There are also the OCF Gear cables sold by Syl Arena, i've got the 10m (33-feet) cable and it works great to get the flash off-camera and in a better place as a master to trigger other slaves optically. If you search my site for OCF33 you'll find a couple of posts about it.


Thanks to Peter for the link to my post on the 600EX with the older cameras.

Canon specialist trainer, author and photographer -

I second the OCF flash cords.  Get the 33' cable as opposed to the 16'.  33 feet really isn't all that long once you start running cables across the floor.  I'm not familiar with Zebra cables but the OCF are very HQ and non coiled so you can fully utilize the full length.




If you plan to get into OCF (and even if you don't) Syl Arena's Speedliter's Handbook is a must.


If you got the budget, I would invests in the 600EX RT and ST-E3-RT.  I switched from the optical 580EX/430EX and am blown away with the convenience and flexibility.