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EOS Rebel T7 Flash Recommendations


Hello everyone!

I'm looking to purchase a flash for my Cannon Rebel EOS T7 Camera. I was looking to buy the Canon 580EX Speedlite E-TTL Shoe Mount Flash, however, I do not believe that it is compatible with my camera.

Are there any other flashes that you all would recommend? If possible, I'd like to spend as close to $100 or less on the product. 



Not applicable

The 580EX Speedlite should work with the EOS T7 camera, although it is an old model. Here is a link to its instruction manual: 


The original 580EX is compatible with your camera. But it IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the in camera flash menu. All settings must be set on the speedlite itself. Except for Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC). That can be set from the camera body or speedlite. At a minimum I would suggest the 580EX II. Since it can be controlled from the camera body. It will make the speedlite a lot easier to use. The 580EX II can make full use of the speedlite control menu. What features do you need exactly. For most people the 430EX II & 430EX III-RT are more than enough. The original 430EX just like the original 580EX can't be controlled from the in camera flash menu.


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