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EOS REbel T4i and Speedlite 430II


Hello, I am having issues with my camera and speedlite. I want to use my speedlite as a slave. I followed the instructions carefully. My camera is not sensing my speedlite external flash. I made sure the sensor were facing at each other, tried different angles and it is not triggering my flash. My camera is not sensing at all. They are on same channel (tried different channels too). It is saying it is not compatible or the external flash if off which is actually turned on. Does anyone also having this kind of issue? Thank you for all your suggestions and recommendations. My firmware is updated  btw.



The camera cannot "sense" the external flash. There is no two way communication for optical wireless flash.


What are you trying to do that causes the error?

I really don't know what's causing this error. If it's mounted, I don't have issues, it works actually.

Are you following these directions?

Do you have the flash up?

Did you turn on Easy Wireless?




Thanks for all your suggestions. I will have to try figuring it again and will get back to you guys once I figure it out why my external flash isn't flashing. KV Barkley, I did all those instructions/directions. It's still the same.

Call Canon, they can walk you through it.

Just for the record, I used my T6S and 580EX this weekend on EasyWireless and it worked just fine.


It's hard to tell what you could have done wrong (if any) without some pictures to show your settings.

I have a video that shows you how to do this and it's on youtube.  If you search for diverhank you should be able to find it (sorry I'm not supposed to put a link here).




1. on camera, you need to pop-up the flash (in P or Tv or Av or M mode)

2. activate wireless control via the built-in flash menu - note the channel number (1 is default)

3. specify the method/ratio (make sure it's not off)

4. On the flash, turn it on and set it to Slave Mode - make sure the channel number is the same (1 is default).

5. On the camera, there should be a test button on the built-in flash menu.  You can press that to test.  When working properly the camera flash will flash then the remote flash will go off half a second later.


6.  When indoors, the flash signals bounced around so you don't even need to have the remote flash facing the camera flash at all.



Diverhank's photos on Flickr

I watched your videos and followed the same thing as I did before. It's still not flashing.


Here's a video that might help:



I would also suggest Syl Arena's book "Speedliter's Handbook" which is easily the best book on the topic and de-mystifies how the system works.  But something wierd has happened with this book.  On Amazon the price has skyrocketed (the cheapest price on Amazon is $178!) but that's for the physical book.  


I typically get all my books in electronic form these days and the price of the same book on the Apple iBooks store is $43.99.



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da