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Canon t3i with Speedlite 320EX - flash no longer goes off when attached


I originally bought a Rebel T3i about a year ago and then later bought the 320EX speedlite. When I first got it, everything worked great in terms of the flash, etc. Recently I found some skunks in my back yard and ran with my camera to take pictures of them (they were young and very cute). I attached the flash and attempted to take picture but the flash would not go off at all! The camera detected that an external flash was on but I just could not figure out how to use it.


I set the Speedlite to slave and then did a test run and it worked wirelessly. The problem is when it is attached to the camera. There doesn't seem to be an option to force the flash to go off. I am at a loss as google is useless. Any help is appreciated. 



I have T3i and the 320 EX flash too.

Either you have an issue with camera settings or flash settings. As the flash settings are so simple (about 3 switches) my bet is on the camera.

As for the flash, That flash will slip backwards in the shoe, even when the locking collar is locked. Try reseating it firmly forward in the shoe. I embarrassed myself once when mine had shifted and I was imagining a shutter failure or a broken sensor or something grave.

As for the camera, Before plowing through all the flash settings in MENU, try going to CLEAR SETTINGS on the last yellow menu tab to reset all your settings to default.

If that does not work, write back and perhaps someone can help with a more involved solution.

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Why do so many people say "FER-tographer"? Do they take "fertographs"?

"As for the flash, That flash will slip backwards in the shoe, even when the locking collar is locked."


I don't own a 320EX, but I do own an assortment of 270EX II, 430EX II, 580EX II, and 600EX-RT.  There's a locking pin which should prevent the camera from sliding out of position.


With the camera not installed on the camera, flip the flash upside-down and flip the locking lever/switch.  You should notice that near the front of the foot (on the bottom... but toward the leading side of the bottom plate) there's a small metal pin which extends and retracts.  That pin fits into a tiny hole at the leading edge of the camera's hot-shoe and should lock the flash in place so that it cannot slide.  


On most of my flashes, there's a brake which presses down toward the foot -- clamping the flash into the shoe (but the locking pin still engages).  This prevents the flash from even wiggling when locked into the hot-shoe.  But on my 270EX II, there's no brake... just a locking pin.  The flash actually has a tiny bit of play when locked to the camera and _only_ that locking pin keeps it from falling off.


After you seat your flash into the hot-shoe and flip the lock, give it a bit of a tug... it should not go anywhere... it should be "locked" into the hot-shoe and remain in place without sliding until that locking pin is disengaged.  


If your flash is moving, then either your pin isn't working OR something is blocking the hole that the pin fits into (it's a spring-loaded pin... so if something is blocking it it simply wont drop down into the hole) -- make sure the locking hole is clear.  It's also possible the flash wasn't pushed forward completely when you locked the flash.





Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


On your camera, navigate the menu... look for "Flash Control" and make sure the external speedlite firing is set to "Enable".


Also make sure all the pins on the foot of the speedlite AND the contacts on the camera hot-shoe are clean.  The contacts are spring-loaded.  If you press them with your finger-tips, they should press in and spring back out when released.  Make sure none of the pins are jammed.


In particular... the center pin (which mates to the larges contact in the center of the hot-shoe) is the firing pin and the metal plate of the hot-shoe is the ground (the ground isn't a pin... it's the hole plate.)  



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da