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Canon MT-24X; for use outside a Fotoflex light cube for product shots?

Rising Star
My first post; Hello,
About Canon MT-24X macro twin flash unit.
I use a light cube with 32" in. from Fotoflex (LINK REMOVED - SEE FORUM GUIDELINES ON POSTING LINKS TO 3RD PARTY SITES)
to shot some objects. 
Will I be able to use the MT-24X flashes away from camera with table tripods and put them on each side of the cube to filter the light and most important are the flashes strong enough for such a distance? What´s you opinion as a users?
Can I use this twin flashes away from the camera in a wireless mode with some kind of additional wireless unit?
Thanks very much.



Rising Star

I owned that flash.


1. No. The cables from hot shoe mount will be far too short. Even if you could get them that far apart they may have enough juice. Not sure. That is not what they were desinged for so you would have to check the specs.  Also the light source (flash heads) are pretty small and may show hotspots more.


2. Sure. You just need some type of radio triggers. No different than a 430, 480 or any standard  flash off camera flash. In your case I would suggest but as I said I doubt they would spread that far.  




Can ask you a couple of questions? Why are you looking at this very expensive set up for your application? Do you need ETTL? Why not just pick up a couple of inexpensive Yongnuo flashes and some triggers. If you don't need ETTL you could probably do it for it for less than 1/2 the price and have larger more powerful flashes.




thanks for your help.

I want that MT-24X flash because I own a Canon MP-E 65mm macro lens. A very tricky lens and need proper light.

At x5 magnification light in needed ,-)

I thought about using just the MT-24X for regular macro shots but also with the cube. But it seems not possible.


Now. seeking for a solution I need confirmation on a different setup that is:

I think the MT-24X can be used as a master>slave set with another Canon flash (don´t know yet if all if some of the Canon flashes). You as owner must know about this wireless comunication capabilities.


Imagine a scenario with a still life object inside my cube.

That way I would be able to use the MT-24X mounted as it should be, in front of the cube to make the shot and use an additional (one or two) wireless Canon flashes standing at the sides of the cube.

Two kinds of light: direct from the macro flashes (front) and diffused by the cube from the sides.


I don´t know if I´ll need 4 flashes but would like to know if this is a working possibility.

I had a feeling you had a second purpose for that flash. I had the MP-E 65 as well. Had a lot of fun with that set but found I was not using it as much in the last year. Recently I made some costly upgrades and had to make some decisions. Would have been nice to keep it. I wish I had unlimited funds then I'd never sell a lens and have a collection.


Good luck to you.     

I´m not using the MP-E 65 because I don´t have proper light.

There´s no second purpose apart from what I explained 😉

Macro handheld and studio (camera+flash+subject) and macro with the light cube (camera+flash+subject inside the cube+external flashes).

Can you please confirm the wireless master>slave functions of the MT-24X; as you own it?



The MT-24EX can act as a master to slave another compatible flash like the 580EXII. The reason it can act as a master and not as a slave is that it is designed to be on camera, and a slave (one or more) can be used to light the background when shooting macro. I use this feature extensively for macro work. However, I  think the small flash heads will result in less than desireable highlights in your application,  but that will depend on the size and subject distance.there are some DIY and commercial options for diffusing the flash heads. 

Keep in mind that the communications in this setup are via IR, not radio, so you could potentially into issues with interference from the materials of your diffusion cube. Good luck.