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Can't change manual flash settings using my transmitter


Hello everyone!


I'm kind of new using flash and transmitters and I have a doubt (maybe a dumb one, but I'll ask anyway).


Here's my setup:


- Canon EOS T5i

- Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2

- Flash Speedlite 430EX II


When I put the flash in my camera I can control everything using the in camera menu. I don't have to set the flash settings in the flash unit. Everything is fine and working as intended.


But when I'm using the transmitter, setting the flash as a slave unit, there's no option on my camera to manually set the flash. I went to menu > flash control > external flash func. setting and the only option I have is flash compensation. ETTL and curtain settings are greyed out! I can't turn it to Manual or change anything else. I have to change it in the flash unit...


The funny thing is when I use the built in camera flash to fire the 430EX II wirelessly, then I have full control of the external flash and I can set the flash output.


Am I doing something wrong? I mean, I thought the transmitter was supose to have much better communication with my external flash. Looks like the transmitter it's not very useful as my built in flash to control the external flash.


Someone can help me with this?


Thanks in advance for any help!


Check to make sure that the flash and the transmitter are on the same page. I believe the 430EX II responds only optically. If the transmitter is RF instead, that's probably the souece of your problem.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Yeah, I didn't notice that, but I think you are right.


Reading the manuals from both flash and the transmitter, the flash has a transmission method by "optical pulse" and the transmitter has "infrared pulse".


So...... basically you a telling me that this transmitter has no "real" use with this flash? And that's odd that I can actually use my inbuilt flash camera to control the external flash...


And other thing is I bought this transmitter because of the 430EX II System, referenced in the flash's manual. (look at the image below)


I don't know what to do here... If I need another flash, or if I need another better transmitter... Smiley Sad



Looks like it is pretty clear in the manual, the manual power must be set at the speedlite:



Yeah. I never noticed that. Thanks for the info.


Any advice for a system that I can use manual flash via camera menu? Should I buy I new transmitter or a new flash? Thanks in advance for any help!

What is wrong with using the cameras pop-up flash? It can be set to not flash during the exposure.


For all questions relating flash, run, do not walk and purchase Syl Arena's Speedliters Handbook.

Hey kvbarkley, thanks for your answer.


There's nothing wrong controlling my external flash with my pop-up flash. The problem is that I still don't have full controll of my external flash from my camera menu using my pop-up flash.


For example, I can control the flash output, but I still can't control the curtain, zoom of set a Hygh Sync flash from the camera... And from the studio set I'm about to assemble I would LOVE to have full control of the external flash from my camera, so I don't have to go and set manually the external flash 3 feet away from me avery time.


The transmitter I have is pratically useless at this time. The pop-up flash is my best choice, but still, I want to take the next step and buy:


a) a new flash, to set as master in my camera and them fully control my 430 EX II




b) a new transmitter to fully control my 430 EX II


The thing is, I can't find out if or which one would provide me what I want. I just want to have full control of the external flash, using my camera menu. It doesn't matter if I need a new flash to use as master, or a new transmitter. I just don't want to make the same mistake to buy something that doesn't fully help me.


BTW, I found the book and that will be a GREAT adition to my library. Thanks for the TIP!

You might have to use a flash extension cord.

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