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Football is a game of inches

Football is a game of inches and in the pouring cold rain and wind, this was about a finger inch short of a completion.  Captured with Canon 1DX III and EF 70-200 f2.8 IS III @ f2.8, 1/1000, ISO 20,000.  It was a miserable night for football and phot...

wq9nsc by Authority
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Going Grey for Animal Portraits

Going grey for animals can add the same focus on character that we tend to associate with similar images of people - very much demonstrated by Sabastio Salgado in his amazing book Genesis.EOS 5DsR, EF 100-400@267mm, f/6.3, 1/320sec, ISO-1000  Almost ...

5DIV1458 M copy.jpg 5DIV1586 copy.jpg 5DIV1405 M copy.jpg 5DIV1488 M copy.jpg

You Can't Park that Thing Here!

Considering I am taking this from the main street of Auckland city, these cruise ships certainly get up an personal with the city, and reduce the passengers' commute time to a couple of minutes.

DF1_3712 copy.jpg

More Friday Night Lights

I find capturing defensive plays more difficult than offensive plays for the school with which I am affiliated. But I captured a few during a 33-0 homecoming victory, it is always good to win homecoming Shot with a pair of 1DX III bodies using EF 70-...

A48I7286.jpg A48I7288.jpg A48I7366.jpg A48I7814.jpg
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Oct 14, 2023 eclipse

Here are my eclipse images, we were on the 70% line. If I was still in Albuquerque, I would have gotten the whole show!They came out pretty good, look at the first one and you can see some sunspots. Or I have a dirty lens. 8^)

IMG_0173.jpeg IMG_0204.jpeg IMG_0207.jpeg IMG_0210.jpeg