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Winged Wonder

Captured in the golden hour, nature's delicate aviator perches gracefully, a moment frozen in time. This dragonfly, with its intricate wings and poised elegance, reminds us to appreciate the smaller spectacles of the natural world.   


Life is beautiful with colors

  This serene photograph, capturing the tranquil beauty of a pond amidst the vibrant tapestry of fall colors, holds a story of serendipity and the quiet charm of nature. Taken during an impromptu hike in the countryside, the scene presented itself un...

'Life is Beautiful' Geese at Potawatomi Woods in Wheeling by Gowthaman Ramasamy.jpg

Cars started my interest in Photography

My interest in Photography really started to take off in the late 90's, when I purchased my first digital camera to take photos at car shows hosted by a car club I was a member of.  I would post my photos on the club's website and received good feedb...

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