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Taking some backyard shots with my new EOS RP

I love this camera. The high ISO images are outstanding. I set teh camera to M, set the shutter and appature and let the ISO go auto and all the pics are clear, clean and sharp.  This bee pic is exported from RAW without any editing except cropping s...


Life in the Colony

I live close to arguably the most accessible gannet colony in the world.  Recently I went out with my trusty 7DII and the (relatively) new 70-300 MkII lens to see what I could get.  The images have been cropped to fit my screen (where appropriate) an...

7D2_1882a-1.jpg 7D2_1895a-1.jpg 7D2_1909a-1.jpg 7D2_1919a-1.jpg

Vixia HF G40 moon video

Here's a video of the eclipse last night. I was happy with the results. Let me know if there's anything I should have done to make it better.

Ray8 by Apprentice
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Black and white street photography

Hey all, I recently got a Canon 7D, used it for some night street photography. Have a look! Any opinions on using Canon for black and white? Loving the camera so far, would love to hear your opinion or some feedback. Thanks,Robin

robinG97 by Apprentice
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Holiday at Disneyland

We spent a day at Disneyland a few days after Christmas, and these are some of the shots I think are interesting. My son actually took this one with his phone. The rest are with my T6S. The Christmas tree in Adventureland The same tree at night from ...

20181229_151320.jpg IMG_5049.jpg IMG_5114.jpg IMG_5101.jpg

Cheep Shots

New Zealand doesn't have much in the way of indigenous mammals (just one bat actually) but it has an amazing array of unique birds.   So it is only appropriate that I get in some bird shots... The Takahe (pronounced Taka-Hey) is one of NZ's many flig...

NZ Auckland Tiri Takahe.jpg LR--1-2.jpg NZ Auckland TIri Bell Bird 001.jpg