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Shooting Light and Compact with PowerShot GX cameras

Sometimes it's nice just to go out with a minimalist kit instead of large, bulky and heavy DSLRs and R-series MILCs.  I was meeting some photography mates down town in Auckland one evening, for something that was really more social that serious photo...

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I had sat in the Orangutan enclosure for over an hour, camera ready for a good shot. This was in marked contrast to the normal visitor, who spends a very short amount of time at any one enclosure - not surprising if you have children in tow, mind you...

_5011929 LR copy.jpg

First lacrosse match

Earlier this week I shot lacrosse for the first time and this was also the school's first ever lacrosse match and the first time I attended a match so there was a lot of learning for all of us.  The boys ended the match losing 4-2 but not a bad effor...

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Baseball photo

My T7 has had a workout with two grandsons playing high school baseball. The oldest is a pitcher. I did some experimenting with different settings as the Sport setting to take multiple photos in sequence. This one is unedited for your critique. Thank...


Zoo Images

In a period of travel and movement restrictions, it is hard to keep up my wildlife photography.  The local zoo has reopened and at least I can keep my hand in and enjoy some outside time.The NZ Tuatara predates the dinosaurs, dating back over 250 mil...

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Swallow-tailed Kites

These birds winter in South America and migrate in late winter and early spring to the southeast U.S. to nest near our numerous estuaries and marshlands. They are very majestic and glide on the wind, using their 4 foot wingspan, while they search for...

Swallow-tailed Kite-1Sa.jpg Swallow-tailed Kite-2Sa.jpg Swallow-tailed Kites Three-1Sa.jpg

Shiny Snow - Cameras vs the Human Eye

Back in January of this year, we had a decent amount of snow already on the ground and the next day lots of freezing rain.During a drive the following day, the landscape looked awesome.  Especially once in a while based upon the direction you would l...

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