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"The East" Jonney E TV - Best of 2019 (Showreel)

  Scenes from select projects filmed over the course of 2019.  Filming locations: New Jersey, New York City & Boston, MA Shot on: Canon C300 II, C100 II & DJI Mavic 2 Pro Projects include work for: Nike, Jordan, adidas Originals, NBA 2K, Shore Car Cl...

Blood Moon

In NZ we got to have both a very favourable location and time to engage with this rare event.  The last time such a blood moon happened of this duration was apparently in 1212 CE - before there was any human population here. It happened in the late e...

IMG_1413 copy 2.jpg

Shooting with Classic Gear

So, discussing the Canon EOS 5DMkIII in another thread got me thinking of pulling my own one out and shooting some images, using the classic EF 28-300L from 2004. It has not been heavily used (shutter count is 7100+/-).A bit of a howitzer of a lens, ...

5D3_7151 copy 2.jpg 5D3_7163 copy 2.jpg


Being a newbie and all, I just learned I could do this.How cool is that?  Steve Thomas

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Venus and the Moon

I am the first to admit I am not an astronomer: I don't have the knowledge or the gear to do the activity justice.  That said, I do enjoy looking to the heavens and marvelling at the vast expanse of the universe and all of those trillions of stars an...

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Trying out the RF 24-240 on Wildlife with the R5

The R5, at 45MP is a fairly unforgiving unit as regards being used with poor technique or lens technology.   I have the Rf 24-105L and 100-500L units and have used them to great effect with R5 and R6 bodies.  On the R6, the RF24-240 worked well enoug...

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I don't know if that's what these flowers are officially called, but that's what my wife calls them. I'm having a ball shooting with my T8i camera cable tethered to my Samsung tablet. Basically, it's shooting in Live View on a 10" screen.  Steve Thom...

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Final save of the match

At the end of regular play, the soccer super sectional playoff score was tied 2-2 and continued as a tie through two overtime periods so it advanced to a penalty kick round with 5 strikers from each team taking penalty kicks.  This was the second sav...

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Wife's photos

She has taken over our old Canon SX530 HS. It only does jpg photos but she had taken some great photos around the house and through the kitchen window. Here are three. I did a bit of editing in Photos, BTW. 

IMG_8762 (2).JPG IMG_8774 (2).JPG IMG_8783 (2).JPG