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Black-headed Grosbeak at a Set Up


Spent some time with the Black-headed Grosbeaks. Mendocino County, Northern California, USA. This image was created at a set up with a Canon EOS R6 MKII camera and a Canon EF 100-400mm lens at 275mm. My camera settings were AV mode, ISO 3200Set UpSet UpBlack-headed GrosbeakBlack-headed Grosbeak, F 8.0 at 1/320 th of a sec.This image was created using a set up. The perch was a pitchfork handle clamped up below and to the side of a single port bird feeder just out of the left of the camera frame. The cameera position was from a photoblind seven away from the perch. the camera was on a tripod at eye level with the perch. The background is a yellow painted board with yellow silk flowers clamped just in front of it. I used an f stop of F 8.0 to allow the background to be out of focus. 

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