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imageFORMULA R40 Can't Scan Without Reinstalling Software


We have the above document scanner, which does a great job WHEN IT WORKS. My problem is that every time we try to scan, we must start over with re-installing the software. This is on a Windows operating system. It has never been a quick, "I need to scan a few documents" proposition, and a call to customer service was not helpful.

I have tried using my MacBook Pro, OS Big Sur 11.2.1, but I cannot get it to work with that one either. I downloaded the driver for OS BigSur 11.0, but when I open it and try to direct the output, it gives me an "cannot open driver" error.

I don't know what to try next, but I need a scanner. Has anyone else had this sort of problem with the R40?

Is there a known issue with incompatibility with either the BigSur operating system, or with the MacBook Pro? My laptop is less than a year old, and uses a USB-C port, instead of a regular USB, so I am using a USB-to-USB-C adaptor.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.