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imageFORMULA P-150 Need help with 2 problems

  1. It used to be that in powering up this scanner (by inserting the USB cable), the software would automatically launch.  Now it opens up a folder with the program (D:\Ontouchlite\Ontouch.exe) and I must double click on it to start it.  Is there a way to fix this? (I’m not even sure what the 😧 drive is …)
  2. When scanning, after scanning one page it would allow me to scan a second page as part of the same document.  Now, it assumes all documents are one page and immediately moves to the Save-As-File screen.  This is really annoying.  You can’t always load multiple pages into the hopper because of feeding problems with some pages.  How do I change it to allow multiple scans for one document?

Not sure what caused these problems to start.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks!




I may have "solved" or found the reasons for one or both problems.  I now think the problems started when I bought a new laptop with Windows 11.  Looks like that O/S is not supported for the P-150.  There is also a little checkbox named “Enable continuous scanning” that got unchecked with the new install.  After checking it, I can now scan multiple pages.  Maybe this thread will help someone else.

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