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Possible to convert jobs from one ImageFORUMULA job tool to another?


We have two Imageforumla scanners, one being a 7550c and the other being a 6050c. 

Currently we have a scanning PC with the 7550c Job Tool installed, and it has a number of jobs setup. They are setup through registry keys imported through a Group Policy (the person who originally set this up is long gone). The 6050c isn't being used, so I'm wondering if there's any good way to import the same jobs over to the 6050c. If possible I'd live to have both scanners connected to the same PC, which I guess means I'd have to have two different job tools installed. 

If having them connected to the same PC is an issue I can use a different PC, but either way I just want to move the 7550c jobs over to the 6050c so that the jobs work on both scanners. Anyone have any idea if this is possible? The PC in question is running Windows 10 64-bit. Thanks!