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Canonscan Lide 400 Scanner


On the underside of the  'Document Cover'  is the white pad supposed to be just attached at the top and bottom or all the way around including the left and right side ?





This sits on a piece of foam like material and is attached all the way around.  If you are rough on it, it might start to detach.  As long as its makes even contact with the platen, you are fine.    

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Hagadol,

The white reference pad under the lid should be connected all the way around. As long as it is still attached, it will work without issue. If it is coming off, you can use the link HERE to check your My Canon account and check what service options are available.

Hi Hector

The ‘White Reference Pad’ is connected only at each of the 4 corners. There no is sign of any glue or adhesive running the lengths between each corner. It looks to me on closer inspection like this is how it should be….So there is a tiny gap between it and the top cover to which it is attached, apart from at the 4 corners. Please reconfirm if you think it should be completely attached all they way around and not just at the 4 corners. I received it only a week ago from an online retailer so I can return it if needed and get another unit.

Regards and thanks for your help.