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Canon 8400F no longer recognized by W10


Greetings.  Since one of MS's wonderful recent updates, my computer no longer recognizes either my scanner (8400F) or the driver.  Is there a hidden updated driver on the Canon site that my old eyes are missing, or another remedy for this problem?  What other info do I need to submit?  W10, scanner... Many thanks for any useful responses.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi mnosera,


The CanoScan 8400F is not supported with Windows 10.  You may try using the Windows 7 drivers.  They are available for download from the Support Page of the CanoScan 8400F:


Once on that page, please click Drivers & Downloads.


Choose Windows 7 or Windows 7 (x64) depending on the version of Windows 7 that is installed on your computer from the Operating System drop down box.

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Thank you Patrick, but I'd tried that already with no positive results.  W10 supported this scanner for over 2 years before deciding to create the problem.  Is there any reason why it is no longer doing so?   Again, thanks for your advice.

I regurarly use 8400F in windows 10 (64bit) and even in windows 11.

You need the 64 bit driver for windows 7. The driver works only with "old" application. The scanner app of Microsoft doesn't work. Corel wordperfect 2010/2011 works and you can embed images in text.
The Canon Toolbox 4.9 cannot be installed in windows 10 (64bit). The Canon Toolbox 5.0 can be but it doesn't include 8400F scanner. So I modded the .ini files of Canon Toolbox 5.0 adding the correct information for 8400F and it works! I used the scanner seamlessly for years in Windows 10 (64bit) and now in Windows 11.Screenshot 2024-02-11 180701.png


Starting with Windows 10 you need a WIA driver for scan and imaging and Canon have not developed a WIA driver for 8400F. However you can use twain drivers developed for Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), also in Windows 11 (64 bit only). However, new Windows apps cannot recognize the scanner and only old applications can use twain drivers. In Windows 11, having installed the Windows 7 64 bit drivers, the old 8400F can be used only with Canon Toolbox 5 installed with a modded .ini file or using NAPS2 ( which is free and open source.