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CanoScan LiDE 400 "Cannot Communicate with Scanner" Error Message


I just received my new CanoScan LiDE 400 tonight. It installed with no problems, turned on with no problems...but now I'm constantly getting the error message


"Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons: 

-Scanner is turned off.

-USB Cable is disconnected.


Please check and try again. 

Scanner driver will be closed.


Code: 2, 156, 33."


I have tried EVERY "fix it" I've found on Google and nothing is working. I've changed my computer to Power Saver battery option -- didn't work. Changed the suspension on the USB port...didn't work. Yes, I'm using a 3.0 USB port on a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series laptop. I have Windows 10 and I think that's the #1 problem --- Windows 10.

I've installed two different drivers that's supposed to work... didn't. I've installed it via the CD-ROM, didn't work...uninstalled and re-installed via the website... didn't work. Nothing is working. 


Should I just return the scanner and go with a different brand of product? I already have trouble with my Canon MG3500 series printer so.. I should have known better than to buy a Canon portable scanner. 


Hi, the scanning element is not on the side with buttons, it's on the hinge side.


I heard about faulty series of these scanners. Looks like the CIS is not working properly.


I just would like to ask someone from the technical staff what parts should be changed. Maybe it is a standard issue.


Thanks for helping me.



I'm having the same problem with 2 LiDE 300 scanners. The scanning element is returning to the hindge side . When I first plug the unit into a Windows 10 computer, the element moves slowly from the hindge side to the button side then the element light comes on for a fraction of a second and the element then quickly returns to the hindge side and the unit doesn't work. I hope there is something I can do to fix it here as I no longer have a receipt. 

Hi, sorry -- "make sure that the scanning element is on the side with the buttons, not the hinge side"? Did you want me to smash through the glass and force it over? If the problem with it not working is the scanning element is supposed to be on the "button side," then I think it was YOU GUYS who were supposed to "make sure" it doesn't default to the hinge side!


Do you have, like, an ACTUAL solution to this, or do I just buy something from another company?

i have tried everything and found a temporary fix, when the bar gets to the bottom I mash the auto scan button many times and it fixes the bar and the scanner goes back to normal but it goes back to be normal the next time I try to use it. now this fix has stopped working, this is planned obsolescence by canon. So we have to buy new scanners every few months. This is a firmware issue. That I am sure of. they have no way to rest its firmware. 


I had the same 2, 156, 33 error with scan bar stopping at hinge side. The support told me it's a hardware error and sent a replacement.

However, the replacement has the same problem but this time another support insisted it's a software error.

I have tried every possible diagnosis/solution I can find online on my main PC and 2 laptop running Winodws 10 but still no luck.


So, what does code " 2, 156, 33" suppose to mean??? hardware/software?

The scanning bar rest at hinge side is an actual hardware defect or caused by software???

Does Canon even have any idea???


I loved my old canon LiDE 80 and really want to stay with Canon, but if Canon still has no clue after so many complaints on amazon, bestbuy, staples... I think maybe it's time for epson.


I just ordered an Epson Perfection V39 which should be arriving tomorrow. I can let you know if it, you know, ACTUALLY WORKS. 


I've now replaced 4 different Lide300 scanners that have exhibited this behavior. Canon techs insist they haven't seen this issue so now I have to request that the scanner is tested prior to leaving their facility. I hope there is a fix for this because it is an otherwise great little scanner. 

I have the same problem as you. Got replacement but same with that on. Tried on 7 computers and nothing works. Must be same secret because someone seem to have them working. I have packed it back in the box and waiting for someone to have a solution.




So my first replacement had the same Code: 2, 156, 33 error with scan bar rest at the hinge side. But this the support insisted it is a software issue, using remote desktop to uninstall and re-intall driver a few time (which I have done like 10 times ), finally told me to update windows and she will call me back the next day which didn't happened.

The day after, I called again and different support person decided to send another replacement within 10min.


Today, received the second replacement, plugged it in and worked!!!!!!

Guess third time is the charm.

I am sure now Code: 2, 156, 33 with scan bar going to hinge side is a hardware issue like FastFullBack posted and LiDE 300 and 400 have serious large percentage of manufacture failure.

But Canon needs to let their support team know that so the costomers don't have to waste hours to convince the support staff.



Ensure that the scanner has no documents or pictures as you restart the scanner by unplugging and plugging it back in.


It seems like the scanner does a self-check to ensure that it has good comms and if the data is sent back is not the clear scan, it displays the communication error.

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