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Can't Add Network CR-120N to Windows Using IP Address


I've setup a Canon Image Formula CR-120N check transport document scanner on our network.  It has an IP address, it can be pinged, and it can be successfully logged into using the web interface.  On one of our VMs (Windows Server 2019 in a Hyper-V environment) I installed the Canon driver software (i.e., ISIS/TWAIN), RANGER driver, and the scanner utility.  When I open the Scanner Utility and go to File -> Select Scanner I see the scanner in the Select Scanner dialog box with the proper name and IP address.  This leads me to believe that things are properly configured from a network perspective.  However, I can't add the scanner to the VM using the IP address.  The Add Printer dialog box says that it is detecting the TCP/IP port but it fails and that additional port information is required.  Anyone know how to get this scanner added to Windows using an IP address?  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




Lots of unknowns here.  Is the print Server Role installed?  Are you using this to allow others to Scan checks, etc. from their workstations?

I would not allow users to log in to the server to perform scanning tasks, etc.  I would add/specify drivers for use on the workstations and see if the scanner could be used in this fashion.


Whack Whack \\[servername]

double click to connect and have them run the isis, twain and ranger application from their local machine interfacing whatever accounting app your firm is using.  Quickbooks, etc  

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Hello Rick,


Thank you for the reply.  The Print Services role is installed.  This is a development environment.  We want our application to interface with the CR-120N.  The developers aren't certain yet how they are going to communicate (e.g., ISIS, TWAIN, Ranger) with the scanner.  They asked me to add the scanner to the network and add the scanner to the Windows development server.  As mentioned in the original posting, the scanner can be pinged from the development server, the web interface can be accessed, and I can see the scanner using the Scan utility on the development server.  However, I can't add the scanner to Windows using the add printer/scanner wizard.  I do appreciate the assistance.  Thank you.