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XH A1 Won't Power On


I have acquired 2 x XHA camcorders from a friend. They were working perfectly and in regular use but were then stored for 3 years or so. They were stored correctly, in their cases and in a dry place. I have charged the batteries but the camera will not power up even with the mains adapter.  

There is no screen, no playback and the cartridge door will not even open.

I have been told that it may be that the internal batteries have failed but I am getting confusing comments as to how to deal with this.  I have tried what someone suggested i.e. leaving the power adaptor on for 24 hours with the camera switched off, to charge the internal batteries, but this has not worked.

The blue light just flashes on and off and nothing works.

Is this likely to be the problem and if so, can these internal batteries be purchased and can they be fitted by a local camera repairer  ?

I was hoping to take one of these on holiday at the end of September so would appreciate a quick response from anyone who knows the answer.  Thanks.



That should read XHA1.


Did you find a solution to this issue?