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C300 Mk II Monitor Out Issue


I was using my SmallHD 702 with my C300 Mk II today on a shoot and everything was working smoothly, had the monitor connected via the SDI Monitor Out terminal.  All went well until I adjusted the cine arm that the monitor was mounted on when suddenly the monitor gave me the "SDI No Signal" image.


I tried another SDI cable and that didn't work, but was able to get picture to the monitor via the Record terminal.  When I got home I tested out other cables and battery combinations, but had the same results: nothing from the Monitor out but Record terminal still worked.  I also tested the HDMI out which worked to my pleasure since this allowed me to view the on-screen display and menus as I needed.


Does anyone have any idea of what may solve this issue? Or is it just that my Monitor out SDI terminal may be busted and is now in need of repair?



Hello Joshmandell, 

I understand this seems to occur even though you've tried multiple cables and terminals.  The camera should be set to a resolution that the monitor supports.  Provided that it was prior and was working then simply moving it shouldn't have been enough to disrupt the output.  Unless of course the camera was a little more than jostled and the connection may have been damaged in some way.  

If the issues persist, the next step would be to arrange service on the camera through our EOS cinema hotline at 1-855-CINE-EOS / [1-855-246-3367].  

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I had the same issue using a Canon C300 MkII and a Zacuto Gratical Eye. Have used the two paired for about eight months without incident, when suddenly I lost picture to the gratical. Subsequent tests showed no video output received by the gratical from another proven source... nor any video out of the 300 to a confirmed working monitor. I've tried every configurtion of monitor output and resolution I can think of and still see nothing. So, I sent the gratical to Zacuto for repair. Now I just received a loaner 300 and still can't get any video from it out of monitor or record out. So my hunch is I'm doing something wrong with both cameras... but what??? I get video from both cameras on the LCD screen supplied with the camera itself, but nothing from monitor or record out. Any ideas? Mahalo from the Big Island of Hawaii. Mick Kalber, Tropical Visions, [Removed personal information per Forum Guidelines.]


I have this with my c300mkiii and it may have been and improper connection of SDI and power to the monitor. Like a power surge that shorted out the port on the camera. Just a theory. If you have any success let me know. 

My problem was resolved, but not until I send the camera body to Canon for repair. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I seem to recall a breakdown in the monitor out connection. Has worked fine since then.

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