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XC-10 and new MAC


Have a new XC-10 and love it.  Is there any direct connectivity to a new MAC?  Seems the only way to get video/photos off the camera is to transfer to iPad and then air drop, or remove SD/CF cards and stick them in readers.

Using the serial port FCP sees a Canon camera and instantly disconnects.  Unlike other cameras I've had the serial port doesn't look like a disk drive - is there some way to make it do this?

The browser app looks promising but the subnet is 192.169.0.* whereas my network is 192.168.1.* and there doesn't seem to be any way to change this.

I'm fine pulling out the CF card for 4K as the files are huge, but it would be nice to get photos/HD video out without having to play with cards or move through the iPad.

Thanks for reading