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XA70 I can hear the zoom motor on my recordings



Using the internal mic of the camera I can clearly hear the hum of the zoom motor.

Using an external mic (AT875R) I still can hear the zoom motors even with Attenuation set to ON.

I used to have the XF100 and I did not have this problem at all.

Anybody with the same problem? Do you have a solution?

Thank you



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello marionette_66,

Based on where the internal MIC is, you could possibly get the sounds of zoom and/or even focusing. When using the external XLR MIC Input terminals on the handle, by default, each audio input is recorded to a separate channel. Input 1 to CH1 and Input 2 to CH2. If you're using the INPUT 1 terminal, in the MENU, set the Audio Setup, CH2 Input to INPUT1 so that audio input into INPUT 1 is recorded to both channels. When the audio format is LPCM (4-channel audio recording) and CH1/CH2 are set to the INPUT terminals, you can select the audio input that will be recorded to channels CH3/CH4. Set CH3/CH4 Input to Input terminal as well. This should keep you from getting audio from the built-in MIC. A very helpful resource on how the audio "flows" with this camera can be found on page 75 in the user's manual.


I spoked with Tech Support yesterday about this and realized that I did not include in this post the important detail that I can hear the zoom motor myself, with my ears, while operating the camera, no recording required. So this is not electric noise or a wrong setting in the audio menu.

The zoom motor is just loud enough to be heard by me while operating the camera... and it is picked up by both mics.

I am waiting for an RMA label to return this camera and get a replacement.  

Thank you for taking to time to look into this.



This in an update on this ticket.

I got a notification that my camera was received at Canon's Aurora's facility. I called support to get an update on when the replacement camera will be shipped to me.

Surprise, this transaction was set as a refund, not a replacement, so I will need to place a new order for a new camera. Another surprise, the XA70 is in back order and will not be available at Canon's site for a couple of months.

So, I went to Glazer's Camera and I bought it there. I opened it at the store to check the zoom's motor loudness and I cannot hear the motor.

Back home, I did some more tests: I HAVE to set the Mic Attenuation to ON, for both the Internal and External mic (with included arm support), otherwise I will pick up the zoom's motor. 

If use my SmallRig Shotgun Microphone Holder (Cold Shoe) the vibrations of the zoom's motor are picked up by my external microphone (even with ATT set to ON).

I would like to use the cold shoe holder since is smaller than the included one an easier to put on\take off and I do not have to carry a screw driver with me, but compromises have to be done and I got a working camera.