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Looking for the best B cam to pair with a C300 mark ii


I work as an in-house videographer for a hospital and we are looking to upgrade from our C100 b-cams to something that will pair better with our C300 Mark ii. We need something that can match the Mark ii in quality output first and ideally we would like something a bit smaller to allow us to utilize a steady cam. We have rented larger steady cams in the past but working in a hospital setting we have found that we need a smaller form factor to best film in this environment. Does anyone have good some recommendations? Thanks!




This is somewhat difficult without knowing your budget or how invested in lenses you are?  What are you doing with the footage?  Broadcast, internal training, etc?

C500 and the C300 becomes your B cam. C100mkII?, or C70, R5C.  

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. Our budget is ideally below 5k due to internal requirements for above 5k purchases. We need to be able to have proper stabilization for our moving shots without requiring a large gear footprint which eliminates some of the larger cinema cameras. The C70 and R5C are very intriguing. In regards to lenses, we currently have 4 Canon lenses. The final output of our projects is primarily full HD web-based content. Both external and internal. 

The C70 and R5C are intriguing and we will look into them. 

Thank you!


The C70 is very nice and uses the same sensor as the C300 Mark III.  So I would lean towards the C70 if you forsee updating your main camera to the C300 Mark III.

Make sure to add in an EF to RF adapter for either the C70 or R5C. 


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