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XA60 mp4 videos play choppy/skip on modern media playera


MP4 videos from my XA60 camcorder play choppy, little skips of video, using these modern tiny media players which allow you to plug in hard drives containing the video and connect via HDMI to your tv.  On my old XA11, mts videos play fine, it's the MP4 videos 1080 resolution that do it. 1080p exhibit a little less but unacceptable results, compared to the worse 1080I. If I recode the video with NERO software, they play smooth. Straight out of the camera, they play fine on my pc and one modern player (by Diffe). Tried Micca, Neumi and others from Amazon. Tried different HDMI cables hard drives and thumb drives, and tv's. The problem seems to be with videos straight out of the camera. Firmware version on the XA60 is Tried finding current version on this Canon site, but can't, sent a message, inquiring about firmware updates, but can't find that, and haven't received a reply yet!

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