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XA60 Log profile?


Hi folks,

Just got a XA60 and couldn't find anything about a log custom profile for it. I know some of the previous cams like the XA40 eventually got C-Log on a firmware update, but no signs of that for the XA60. Any hope I can get a log profile for the XA60 somehow? I'm shooting S/H-Log with my Sonys and it looks amazing, so I'm kind of struggling with the XA60 right now when color grading, it's nowhere near the quality that I get with cheaper cameras. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi diogocmx,

The XA60 does not have a C-Log profile on it. We appreciate feedback on updates and changes customers would like us to make to our products. We have a team that documents and handles customer feedback. I have already alerted them to this email, but if you want to contact them directly in the future they can be reached by going to our website HERE and selecting Feedback in the top right corner of the site. We do take customer suggestions and feedback into consideration when we are updating our products and processes.

We are not notified to future software, firmware, or hardware updates prior to them being officially announced by Canon. If a firmware update is released for the camera it will be available HERE. If you would like to be notified about updates you can also set your email preferences in your Canon account to receive EOS News.

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