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Re: Canon Vixia HFS 21


I 've been suffering, just now,  the exact same problems *importing* video media into my iMac as is previosly described in the message below.

I purchased my Canon VIXIA HF S21 about 10/2010 and it performed perfectly for about 6 years and then I first start noticing this porblem surfacing; plugging my Canon into my iMac and at attempting to import the software coudln't recognize the Camera and thus immediately switched over to *Built In* camera and ignored the input signal as if it wasn't even there. I found that by rejiggering the wire input and/or restarting FinalCut Pro X or iMovie the problem cleared up and i was then able to import. Not so hths time around .Quesiton: Do these Canon VIXIAs , and /or their built in software , have some kind of a limited shelf-life or what and does that mean i should just toss out my Canon as permanently kaput and not worth the expense of shipping it out to be corrected.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Taliesyn,


Thanks for posting.


From your description, it sounds like your camcorder's USB cable may require replacement.


Your camcorder accepts a USB to mini-B cable (not included). These cables are normally available from camera and electronics shops, or camera or electronics departments in larger stores.


You may also purchase the Interface Cable IFC-400PCU from Canon or an authorized dealer. For assistance locating a suitable USB cable, please call our Canon Sales and Accessories Department at (800) 652-2666 between 8:00 AM and midnight ET, seven days a week. They will assist you with product information and dealer locations.


If you've already tried a second cable, I recommend contacting us for additional assistance.  For contact options, please use this URL:

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Thanks for the heads-up on the cable, but i don't see how the cable itself could've been be-fouled through use since I never wound it up like I wrapped the input connector wire around the power brick/battery recharger which *did* in fact fray and  ultimately disconnect the wire at the brick end. That was my fault, but no such abuse was visited upon the USB to mini connector unless the shaft of the female in-camera input  is what's shot. Don't want to buy a whole new connector just to discover that outcome is the cause, but thanks for the input. i'll make up my mind sooner than later.

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