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R5 C - SF Mode Focus problems


Is anyone really good at the focus settings for SF mode @120 . Would love to discuss how I can get better focus??  I was shooting 4k, xfavc, BT.709 Wide DR (CP1) but they just not a crisp as my friends Sonys.  I also read in manual that while in SF mode


• Autofocus may not work well on the following subjects or in the following cases. In such case, focus manually.
- When the gamma curve component of the [Gamma/Color Space] setting in the custom picture file is set to an option other than [BT.709 Normal] or [BT.709 Standard]”.

Anyone know why S&f modes would be limited to those profiles?

I would really be interested in Firmware update similar to C70 that enables: Enables Eye / Face detection and tracking when S&F shooting frame rate is set from 24 to 120 frames per second.



What lens or lenses are you using?

Bay Area - CA

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Hi Rick - RF 70-200 2.8L - FW: 1.1.1


Can someone from Canon Support PLEASE address when this will be fixed??  it is VERY limiting and so far this community had not been helpful in resolving this issue with any sort of workaround.