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My R5C just died


Hi, im here to talk about how I just got tired about canon new camera faults

I've been using canon since 13 years and now I think is time to say goodbye

I just got a R5C because I thought it was a very good upgrade for my R6 

I own a small production company and we were about to shoot a video yesterday when suddenly my camera just died

the first strange thing that happened yesterday was the camera didn't display anything through HDMI, so after a couple of failed tries we decided to change the lens to an AF lens due to the lack of monitoring for remote follow focus.

in this process we changed the battery (LP-E6NH) and after that the camera just never turned on again

the camera is technically new, this was our fist time using it and it's dead.

has anybody got this problem before? I can't bring it to a center because I'm in another country now and basically all my jobs here are being affected because of this failure.


if anyone knows how to solve this problem you would probably save my company.


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Are the memory card and battery doors securely closed and latched? Try opening both and then reclosing them.

believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING and nothing works

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Unfortunately, it appears that it needs to be sent to Canon for warranty repair.


One other suggestion.  With a battery and at least one media card installed, open and close the media slot door.  Do you see the reader LED flicker at all?  Test with a second battery to be certain.  

If you have a USB-C PD, connect it with a battery installed and look for any indications of life.  The R5 C is a great camera. Its basically an R5 without ibis that is also capable of stunning video.  I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to use yours.  If its less than a year old, you have warranty.  Canon stands behind their products. 

I don't know if I can comment on you being in a foreign country for professional work without a back up.  This sounds like an unfortunate turn of events.  One I am sorry to learn of.  Not sure where you are or how long you are staying.  It might be worthwhile to contact support and see if they have suggestions or a path forward while you are abroad.  I hope it works out for you.

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I've talked with canon support and they told me that they don't have communication with canon here, I have my backup but is not what the client asked for so, you know how it goes

talking about the USB-C PD I don't have it, I have the DR-E6C but still not working, no led flicker, the behavior is like a completely bricked camera, I've tried the doors several times but without success, I don't know what to do.

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"in this process we changed the battery (LP-E6NH) and after that the camera just never turned on again"

I am going to guess that the problem has something to do with the battery door and its switch. Maybe closely examining the switch for the battery door will reveal something.

this can be the main thing I agree with you, I'm looking for some answers in this door actually but I don't know where to look more than the switch


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Here is a link to Lens Rental article on dismantling a R5 camera. They show pictures of the battery door and compartment. It looks to me like the door switch is right next to the connector for the WFT-R10 wireless transmitter. The tab on the door looks like it would actuate the switch. 

I've tried gently to push the switch but nothing happens, same for the memory door, looks like is more complicated than just the door

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