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Firmware update button greyed out on Canon EOS C100 mk1


Hello, I purchased a used Canon EOS C100 mk1 camera and wanted to upgrade the firmware from 1.0.7 to the newest available firmware. but when I download the newest version and put it back in the camera the firmware button is grayed out, any way to get around this? Please help me find a way to get the newest software on the camera. 


Thank you.


Greetings ,

Version 1.0. 8.1.00 is available as of this posting.

The firmware download needs to be unpacked or unzipped.  Just the update file (.fim) needs to be copied to the root of an SD card.  

Note this firmware version is for cameras running or earlier.

***Do not attempt to upgrade to any of the version. 2.x firmwares unless the camera has been to Canon and received the dual pixel autofocus feature upgrade.

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Why do you wish to update the camera firmware?  Just because one is available?

The first thing you probably need to do is find out if your camera has had the Dual Pixel AF upgrade installed before you can think about updating the firmware.

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