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How to embed Canon VB-M46's rtsp url with account and password


Hi everyone,
I just bought Canon VB-M46 one month ago. Thankfully, everything functioned smoothly. However, when I want to use the camera with my Python app by OpenCV library, I met one major problem regarding connection. Here is the detail:
- I want to read video through RTSP
- If I config Authentication method to "No Authentication", I can easily connect to the camera without filling out my account and password with the url: "rtsp://<ip>:<port>/rtpstream/config1". I tested it by passing that url to VLC "Open Media" -> "Network" option
- Despite of that, I want to config RTP with "Digest Authentication" or "Basic Authenticaiton" and I don't want to have to fill out my account and password every time I connect to camera VLC app (OpenCV also, because it does not support screen for authentication). Is there any way to do it such as embedding the url with my account and password? The URL I had tried was "rtsp://<account>:<password>@<ip>:<port>/rtpstream/config1", but I still had to fill out my account and password, so I thought the URL in the wrong format.

Coud anyone provide the right format please.



This is not a developer forum.  You'll need to find an appropriate forum to discuss any SDKs.


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