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How do I change the start of the file names on a XA40


I have two of this camera that I use at the same time and I really need to make one have a different file prefix than the other so I can save the videos to the same folder. The entire 4th page of the "Recording Setup" menu is grayed out and un-selectable, and I do not know why. 



it partly becomes editable if i change the movie format to XF-AVC, but I want it to be in MP4. how to I change the name/prefix of the files in that way?
😞 it's been half a year and i still can't figure this out, is it just not a feature? even though it seems like it would be a pretty essential thing? 

Sorry that I missed your original post back in Feb.  In reviewing the User Manual, it unfortunately does appear that you can only customize the names for XF-AVC clips (page 38).  For MP4, there are no instructions to do so and thus it appears that those filenames will always be set to a fixed, non-customizable format.

Potentially its this way to maximize compatibility? i.e. older software that may look for MP4 clips named a certain way?  Page 114 does speak about the "MP4 Join Tool".  I wonder if its that piece of software that wouldn't know how to deal with custom file names?


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Product Expert

Hello serena,

I agree with Elite. This file naming feature is only for XF-AVC clips, unfortunately. There is no way to manually adjust the file name of MP4 clips in the camera.