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How To Clean Your Canon Lenses?


This is my first post here, hello everyone.


I recently purchased a 70-200mm 2.8 lens. I love it, but when the lens got dirty I went to the manual to find out how to clean this precision instrument, but it only told me how to clean the contacts.


People have asked how I clean my lenses so I created a video on it. But I am not sure I told my audience that it is correct.


Here are some of the questions I answered in my video:


Can I Clean the Lens with the Same Micro Cloth for my Glasses?

My sun glasses get pretty oily from me touching them so no.


Can I use my clean shirt to clean my lens?

Most people will tell you no on this one, but my answer is it depends. I would never do this on the back of my lens, but if I know my shirt is clean and I don’t have access to a lens cloth I will use it. If it is a big greasy finger print then no.


Do you use your breathe?

The camera manufacturers I am sure will say no. But for me, sure if I just brushed my teeth, but don’t if you just got done eating a bag of salty chips.

Use a different cloth for your LCD than your lenses, why because of the oils on your skin.


Do you buy new micro fiber clothes when they get all dusty or wash them?

I wash them.


How do you clean the lens contacts?

An eraser.

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