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Gyro data for c300 mkiii/c500 mk ii


Is there any chance we finally get gyro data for stabilization?? Afair the digital IS works with gyro data so a firmware update woudl be pretty nice....



I thought another user recently asked about this?  

If this is Gyroflow data, I believe these are supported devices.  Maybe you are referring to another type of data?

****Edit @Ian, thanks for jumping in 

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You're making a huge assumption that the way IS works has anything to do with the kind of gyro data we would need for external stabilisation.  This might seem simple to you, but having spent many years developing tech devices, let me tell you that it's never that simple.

I'm not saying that its totally impossible, but I will not be holding my breath waiting for this.

Beside that iam pretty i've read that, how else should the IS work in your opinion? There must be movement tracker so the IS knows what direction has to be countered.

I'm just saying be careful of assuming that things are easy if you don't have direct hands-on experience -- because usually things are way more complicated than you might think.

You may know way more about the internals of Canon cameras than me, but if not, why do you suppose this would work?  Does it have a gyro in there, or an accelerometer?  Maybe both, but then, why should they be digital?  Maybe they're analogue and wired directly into the motors that move the sensor around.  There might not be any "data" in the sense you're thinking of.  Or if there is data, it might be in a completely inappropriate format / resolution / temporal resolution / range / whatever.

So again, I'm not saying it's impossible.  But I've spent years fending off queries from non-techie people looking for product features which they think are "easy" but which are actually a nightmare or actually impossible.  So I will never say that a thing should be easy unless I have personally worked on it myself.

Hey Atticus,

here is citation out of the c500 mk ii whitepaper: 

A gyroscopic sensor mounted within the body of the camera reports on angular rates along reference
axes. This data is reported to the DigicDV7 processor that make high-speed calculations that in turn create
the appropriate instruction to reposition the selected active image area

You can simply google "c500 mk ii witepaper" and take a look at page 17.

With that in mind i really want to know, why we don´t get a firmware update to use the gyro data for stabilization in post. Just like Blackmagic added it to their cameras, or Red did with the Komodo. I know that Canon is pretty conservativ with their update politics but at least a statement about that topic would be pretty nice. I am 100% sure, a lot of filmmakers that use the c70/c300/c500 would be super duper happy if canon would allow gyro stabilization in post.


Feedback loops are *never* simple.

99,99% don´t need to be complex because the companys ignore that anyway 🙂


In any case, this is not a place to request things like this. Go to the Canon USA web page, and at the very bottom in teeny tiny print is where to put forth suggestions:


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