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Get rid of red skin tone (Match XA40 and CR-N300 colors- streaming)


We have two XA-40 cameras and CR-N300 camera that we use for livestream videos. The XA-40 picture has a nice look as far as the picture brightness and skin tone. On the other hand no matter what we try, the CR-N300 picture always looks much darker and the skin tone is very red. We are trying to get the same look and feel between all of the cameras when we switch between shots. Any suggestions on how to brighten the CR-N300 and make the skin tone look more natural without throwing off the rest of the colors?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello mmcap,

I would suggest taking a look at the Exposure and White Balance/Color settings on the CR-N300. You can do that via the Settings Page in a web browser or by using the Remote Camera Control application. I have attached a link to the Remote Camera Settings Guide HERE explaining the procedure via web browser. I have attached a link to the Remote Camera Control application manual HERE.