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Future C500 II firmware suggestions


I just updated my C500II to the newest firmware and I'm really happy that canon is continuing to support this camera. Hoping their team sees this thread as I have some hopes for any future updates and I'd encourage any other users to throw their ideas in as well. The three main things I'd hope for are:

1: Internal Desqueeze at a 1.5x ratio. I'd love to not need a separate onboard when shooting with my Atlas Mercurys and there are several other lens manufacturers making 1.5x anamorphics now. It has 1.3x, 1.8x and 2x so I would imagine it's not a crazy difficult thing to do.

2: Bring back Interval Recording. I will never understand why they removed this, it was incredibly useful and the only reason I haven't upgraded my B-Camera from my old C300 II

3: Uncropped 120fps in S&F mode. I don't have an issue with the resolution drop, it would just be nice to not have to go to Super16 whenever shooting at the highest framerate. I'd even take S35 if thats all the camera can physically handle.

Please add anything you'd wish for firmware wise since Canon seems interesting in prolonging the life of this great camera line!



Thanks Taylor for the topic. Hope Canon's team is reading.

1: Internal Desqueeze at a 1.5x ratio for sure

2: any chance to ad an electronic horizontal-vertical level indicator on the display?

3: ability to move with joystick the red « spot square » of waveform, like AF Frame

4: digital IS on/off assignable to button



Greetings Both,

Please be sure to visit the Canon USA Homepage, Select [+]Feedback (top right) then product to leave your feature requests.  This ensures they will make it to the development team.                                     

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