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External Monitors compatible with C300 MIII


Hi all - I'm looking to buy an external monitor that is compatible with my Canon C300 MIII and would love your advice. For those who have a Canon C300 MIII and an external monitor, which do you use? What should I be looking out for specification wise to make sure the monitor is compatible with my camera? A lot of websites I've seen recommend the blackmagic video assist 7'' but their website says it's only compatible with the Canon C300 MII. Thanks so much for your help. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello mkschwarz,

Canon does not recommend any specific external monitors for use because those specifications will vary based on your workflow and how you will have your camera setup. Resolution, frame rates, and terminal availability will all be a part of the equation. You just want to make sure that the monitor is capable of handling what/how you're shooting with the camera and what form of output (connection type) you'll be using from the camera as well.

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