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EOS R5 C Defeating Internal Microphone

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What I am about to post is slightly off-topic, but I have posted numerous messages, and made as many phone-calls to tech support regarding the fact that the R5c's internal microphone cannot be defeated when using an external mic, and to date there has been no response.  I have yet to find a video capable camera, aside from the R5c, that does not allow its internal microphone to be either defeated or muted.  C'mon Canon, wake up and fix this obvious oversight.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi wobbleman99,

I understand your frustration. There isn't a way to manually disable the built in microphone on the EOS R5C in the camera menu. If the XLR accessory is in the hot shoe and a microphone is plugged into the 3.5mm mic jack the camera would not use the built in microphone in that case.


We appreciate feedback on updates and changes customers would like us to make to our products and services. We have a team that documents and handles customer feedback. I have already alerted them to this email, but if you want to contact them directly in the future they can be reached by going to our website HERE and selecting Feedback in the top left corner of the site. We do take customer suggestions and feedback into consideration when we are updating our products and processes.

We are not notified to future software, firmware, or hardware updates prior to them being officially announced by Canon. If a firmware update is released for the camera it will be available HERE. If you would like to be notified about updates you can also set your email preferences in your Canon account to receive EOS News.

Hello Hazel T,

Thank you for your reply, but it is a duplicate of a response received from one of your colleagues in the past.  Furthermore, I, and others, are well aware of the unacceptable 3.5mm mic workaround to defeat the internal mic. Professional microphones do not use 3.5mm connectors, and having to employ a consumer grade microphone in order to use a second, XLR connected microphone is an unprofessional approach for a camera marketed for professional use.  If there is one major disappointment associated with the R5c, the microphone issue qualifies.  While I accept your explanation in re your not being privy to Canon's firmware decisions, I suspect that you have the ability to pass on our complaints, and I and others hope that you will do so.


Has there been a fix for this yet?  We're at and CH3/4 still cannot be changed, deleted, nor levels modified.

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