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EOS C300 MKII re3d tones in Clog3 wrong


Hello everyone, 


I am having a problem with the red colors when i am shooting in CLog3/Cgamut. 

We are producing fahion videos in an very color-controlled environment using arri skypanes for lighting and a C300MK2 with different lenses (all canon). We are shooting in 4K 25 fps 10bit using the CLog 3 Codec with Cgamut. 


In Postproduction, all colors BUT THE RED TONES) come out pretty precise after applying a basic Color Correction using the correct Canon LUT. Skin looks good (realistic) as well. 

ALL RED COLORS come out very much different than the original clolors - there is a very noticable shift towards yellow/orange and the saturation is not even close to the original (or the Photos taken as well with Canon equipment)

We have to color correct each shot that features red clothing by hand using a secondary color correction  - which takes a lot of time and does not always produce a satisfying result. 

This happens ONLY to vibrant red tones - all other colors are right on the button straight away. 


Is anyone having the same problem?

Is there any way of fixing this? 


We have tried 4 different C300 MK2 and also a whole range of different lenses (all Canon) - the result was always the same. So it seems to be a general problem and not something related to the one single camera we are using. 

Firmware is up to date, by the way. 


Any help is greatly apprechiated!







Hello bildwerft, 


Thank you for letting us know that the color tones seem to be accurate except for those which are red.  We haven't been aware of a specific issue with the red tones, but we appreciate that you have let us know so we can look into this for you.  Again thank you and we will pass this on to the appropriate department. 

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Hi Canon,


I have the exact same problem and it's killing me. I've shot 100s of plates on Chroma Screen of all my characters in Red costumes, but the costumes are coming out Orange. The white balance is OK, it's just the red and skin tones - so weird.

And I know something is wrong, because today I shot using the exact same camera, a few months later, with a different light source and now the footage is perfect, the same costumes come out Red.


Please, please tell us the fix, as I don't have the money to pay a professional colourist to fix and mask 50 shots/100 plates? I feel like it should be an easy fix, perhaps there is a Canon LUT you can make?













Hi Martin,


I have the same problem, it is really annoying. Have you found a quick fix yet?






Hi Attila,


Thanks for checking in with us.


There are some customizations you can try that might help.


The first is in the menu under MAIN SETTINGS - COLOR SPACE. You can try the different presets to see what works well for your project. The Cineama Gamut is ideal for an ACES workflow, while BT. 709 is designed for broadcast and BT.2020 is ideal for HDR, but it is possible that one of those Color Spaces might work better for a specific red hue that you're working with.


You can also experiment with the Color Matrix settings as well. That's under MAIN SETTINGS - COLOR MATRIX. Neutral is the default, but there are a variety of different looks to consider, and the one you use is largely up to your subjective preferences.


Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick reply. I was trying to use C-log3 as Clog2 provided me some noise. I tried to match the colours with C100mkii (Wide Dynamic range setting) but was not able to get that realistic colours at all (it always had a yellow tint). I will try with your suggestions now.



For some reason everything under that menu is greyed out. Not sure what else needs to be switched. Also what I see reds are a liittlre bit better on the regular Clog. Clog2 and Clog3 is not goodfor those reds in any other setting, like 709, 220, etc.


Canon c300 Mark 3 with canon L series glass at 800 ISO. Same exact issue and its really bad on every shoot in any color space setting... I called canon and a brilliant tech suggested enabling the SKIN DETAIL effect and lowering the levels after selecting a mask in-camera to help reduce the red/orange over saturated skin tones. BUT, I would much rather just lower all red/orange levels (because red clothes are hideously over saturated also) so I don't have to interfere with the skin detail mapping in camera. Everyone knows about the red problem with Canon cameras, for years all the pro DP's have said it leans to red (canon calls this a warmer look) which should be able to easily be adjusted for in-camera so yes a fix or instructions how to compensate would be great because simply changing color spaces doesn't fix the issue it seems at least for me. Im guessing its a precise adjustment in the color matrix settings to reduce red tones but then wouldn't that alter all the other colors as well which are fine just the way they are?  Seriously considering jumping ship to all new Sony glass and camera or Arri Alexa Mini if this can't be fixed in-camera once and for all. Please advise and thanks for all of this.   🙂


Couple of weeks ago I had to match my c300mkii it with a C100mkii (it had the correct colors) and it was a nightmare. But, luckily I was able to fix it in Premiere pro in Post with Lumetri Color. Not perfect, but way better than before. But it is a shame that there is no firmware update for it.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Thanks for checking in with us.

When trying to reproduce a certain color as precisely as possible, I recommend doing a couple of tests. Try shooting footage with and without your preferred version of Canon Log. That way you can determine if the LUT you're using for Canon Log is a factor.

You can also go into the menu and use COLOR MATRIX TUNING to do additional adjustments. We don't have specific values we recommend, but you could try shifting the phase and/or adjusting the R-G (red-green), R-B (red-blue) matrix to see if that gets you closer to your intended results.