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New or Used XA50


Hello.I am confused as to if I want to buy a used or new XA50 from B&H Photo.I want the latest firmware upgrade 1.01.0 already on the camcorder.I have anxiety from doing a firmware upgrade on a used XA50.B&H told me there is no way of telling whether their used XA50 has that version as the XA50 is at the warehouse.They do not do firmware upgrades.Will the new XA50's if I buy new already have the 1.01.0 version already loaded on them?Does anyone have any experience with upgrading these camcorders?I do'nt want to screw up the upgrade and render the camcorder unfixable.Is the upgrade even worth it?Thank you in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

Updating the firmware is a fairly easy process, the three main things to consider are to make sure your camcorder's battery is full, that you've used a recently initialized SD card and not to press any buttons on the camcorder when it is updating. The step by step instructions will also be included in the firmware update download, in the link below.