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Canon XA50 Livestream


I was hoping to find an official answer if this camera can livestream in a higher resolution than 720p? What I have read so far is that the HDMI out is capped at 720p. I'm trying to stream to youtube and the camera footage is only ok and I can't seem to find a way to improve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Rising Star
Rising Star

Normally the HDMI output is interlaced1080 50i, or 60i depending on the video standard in your country. YT is probably expecting a progressive video stream. You are only seeing 720 as that would be one field of the two interlaced fields. Whatever device you are using to connect to YT needs to apply a pulldown. As an example, I use an Atomos recorder and to get a 1080 25p recording I have to set it to apply a 2:2 pulldown to the 50i signal

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I gave the Elgato cam link 4K. I think the issue I was having was going into Streamlabs and the video feed not showing up unless it was 720p. I’ll double check to see if it gives me the options you are talking about. Thank you for the feedback!