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Canon XA11 Shotgun Mic Accidental dB Increase from 0dB to 18dB


Hi.  We recently recorded an event using a Canon XA11 with a shotgun mic.  The event was both inside and outside.  We accidentally bumped the gain on the shotgun mic from 0dB all the way up to 18dB.  The outside audio is generally OK, but the inside audio has some distortion at times during dialog-only speeches (especially with one speaker who has a very loud voice); and during several music portions, the music was extremely impacted by the shotgun mic being set to 18dB instead of 0dB.  I've been working with Izotope Rx 10 Standard to repair the audio.  The outside audio and inside dialog-only audio is being repaired fairly well via the Repair Assistant in Rx 10, though it is not repairing all issues.  And I'm also working to learn some of the manual repair tools in Rx 10.

My question is this, hopefully answerable by audio professionals:

What would be the best approach to repairing audio that has been impacted by a shotgun mic accidental increase from 0dB to 18dB?  Can you explain what effect that accidental dB increase had on the audio, and how one might go about repairing the impacted audio?  What specific tools in Izotope Rx 10 Standard or Advanced might be able to specifically help?   In addition to De-Clipping, what other tools might help get the audio into a minimally acceptable state (or better)?                 

I'm working with DaVinci Resolve for post-production, and I've been bouncing audio clips over to Izotope Rx 10 and working with the tools there.   

I profoundly appreciate any guidance or insight from those more knowledgeable than I. If needed, we can upgrade to Rx 10 Advanced if certain tools  might assist with the repair process.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings Rose333,

I'm sorry to hear that the gain was increased by accident on the shotgun microphone. The audio that is recorded into the video file is baked into the file data. Canon USA does not provide assistance or guidance on how to repair the audio from a video file per Canon not offering software for this type of process. There may be third party options available but please note we are unable to provide assistance or guarantee that the audio can be corrected.