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Can't focus on XF400


My XF400 camcorder can not focus when lens is wide open (f2.8 - 4). The problem is noticeable only as you zoom past 10X (zoomed wide the problem is not noticeable at all). If I close the iris to f8 or more, the camera can focus fine. This happens with manual and auto focus. During this, the camera will not show PEAKING. Auto focus will lock into a soft and out of focus image. Lens looks to my naked eyes clean of fungi and dirt.

Any ideas of what can be wrong or how can I fix it?



I have a similar issue with my XF400. Did you end up finding a fix?

It went into the trash. They quoted $1,500 to fix and returned it in worst condition... Not usable at all. Do not send it to repair unless you are willing to pay... they will trash it before returning it.


Same! Pretty crazy this is a canon forum and no rep has responded at all!!

IO sent mine to Canon for repairs. They coated $1,500 to fix. I asked to get it back and they sent it TOTALLY BROKEN. They did not put it together, just jammed the different elements inside the lens and returned it. They turned a camera that wasn't focusing right when you zoom to one that did NOTHING. It went into the trash. I will never purchase another Canon product... NEVER. I HATE CANON.

We can understand your concern, AngelXF, and if you can still get a hold of your camcorder, we'll be glad to see what might have happened here and how we might be able to help.  Have your repair number handy and give our Factory Service Center support team a call at 1-866-510-1335.  They're open Monday through Friday.

Hope to talk to you soon!

Concerning no presence from Canon in THEIR COMMUNITY... you are right. They just do not care.