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CR-N500 MicroJitters when Zoomed in


With our CR-N500, after the firmware update to 1.4 we have noticable microjitters when zoomed in. Our camera is about 65 feet away from the podium and when zoomed in for a mid-closeup the shaking is visible. When can we do to fix it? We did not have this issue before ver 1.4.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi AVMinistry,

I'm sorry to hear you are seeing micro jitters when your camera is zoomed in. To trouble shoot this we would need some more information. When this is happening is the camera panning, or does this happen when the camera is on a still shot? Was the camera moved to a different platform after the firmware update? Do the jitters look like they are in the same direction every time, or do they look to be random?

Thank you. The jitters happens on still shots immediately after zooming in. The camera is anchored to a brick wall using a Canon bracket and hasn't moved since installation. The jitter is random. I will attempt to upload a clip from a recent service.