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CONFIG CR N500 + RC IP 100 + Mac Sonoma 14


I have 3 new Canon CR-N500, a Canon RC-IP100. All updated. 

Macbook M1 (sonoma) .

Network (Netgear) switch to connect the CR-N500s, the RC-IP100 and M1.

In the first step, the Camera Search Tool shows me CR-N500s with the same IPv4 address With AutoIP, I was able to reach the Init page.

I have set the IP address manually.
RC-IP100 = Subnet mask =
1 CR-N500 = Subnet mask =
2. CR-N500 = Subnet mask = 

3. CR-N500 = Subnet mask =

Network Mac =


The situation is that I could control the first CR-N500 with the RC-IP100, but I could not reach this page Admin Page.

I tried the config with a windows 10, and it's working. So the trouble comes from the network of the mac, but i don't know how to fix it.

Can someone help me to fix this problem ?

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