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C70 - Next Firmware Update


I’m own a couple C70s and love working with them. I think there are a few improvements Canon could implement in the next firmware update to provide a better experience for dedicated C70 filmmakers. I would like this post to be a place others to contribute their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, I would love for Canon reps to also take part in the discussion to better provide input from the community of filmmakers who have invested in their brand. 

- better horizon stability in digital stabilization

- digital level

these would be great for handheld filmmakers looking to take advantage of the C70s lightweight and compact format without compromising that benefit by adding a gimbal, easy rig, or shoulder-mount. 

- improved autofocus - While the autofocus has improved with firmware updates, there is still some ground to cover when it comes to competing with similar cameras from other brands.

- Noise improvements - even at native ISO, the C70 has noisy shadows in certain lighting situations (even when properly exposed). Regardless of color profile, you’ll see some excess noise in shadows.

Again, these are things I would like to see. Please feel free to contribute your own thoughts and responses. I’d really like to hear from Canon if these changes are possible and if the community can have a say in what’s included in future firmware updates.





Welcome JessePW,

We have 1 user in particular who is well versed with his C70.  @"RS-EOS" (Ricky).

I'll let him know about your post.

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Best to provide feedback like this directly to Canon.  At the main page, scroll down to the bottom and near the copyright notice, click on "[+] Feedback".

Be sure to provide more specifics though.  e.g. what specifically would you like improved for autofocus? i.e. outline the scenarios you find that are challenging.


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